The difference between the concrete mixing plant and building what Many people think that since the concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing equipment are concrete, then there is not much difference, at most just one big one small, a high a low only. In fact, the two sets of equipment, but what exactly is the difference? We come to a brief look.     First concrete mixing plant and floor systems difference: mixing station has five system configuration, such as material supply system, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system components. mortar mixer machine js750 concrete mixer The mixing plant is relatively simple.     Followed by stirring aggregate positions in the top floor, aggregate metered directly into the mixer; mixing station and aggregate positions in the following, subject to the aggregate measure inclined belt (also part of the use of the hoist) after delivery into the mixer . Popular speak, is the aggregate of a promotion called the floor, the second upgrade is called the station. Because the aggregate silo stirring floor above, therefore steel will be relatively large, inclined belt Some will be relatively long. But in the productivity, higher productivity stirring floor mixing station about one fifth.     In operation since the inclined belt mixing station frequent start, energy consumption and the failure rate will increase, and the relatively low energy consumption and failure rate of mixing building something.     Finally, due to the mixing plant production factory of concrete mixer js2000 in china capacity is relatively small, the structure is easy to disassembly, can form the container transfer site for construction site; and mixing building large volume, high productivity, only as a stationary mixing device, suitable for large-scale water conservancy projects or production of large commercial concrete supply.     So customers in distinguishing concrete mixing station concrete mixing plant and from aggregate (material) to enhance the number of production efficiency and other aspects, to buy the right equipment.