I have GIMP now..

Though for some reason I feel very limited using it. D: I dont know why.

//eye twitch// It wont let me move the darn eevee sprite.

It wont let me start a ney layer.

The. The. Heck.

I figured it out. .-.

Ive decided I like MS Paint better than this. D:

=,= My sister wants on again. Ill finish this later.



I stared at it for a few seconds like D: which probably didnt help. xD

It gives a bit more feedback than usual, but thats okay.

It was the right headphone and not the left so its all good xD

Though I put it in my ear and a couple minutes later I got a funny feeling, and I dont know if the headphone caused it or not. .3.

Either way, so long as the left headphone works Im basically happy. //shrugs//

I have Good Life turned up, so if anyone comes in theyll hear it through my headphones and then theyll scare the crap out of me..

Please no-one come in right now Im trying to write stuff no-one in my family should see.

Oh~! This has gotta be the good life! This has gotta be a good life~!  This could really be a good life, a good, good life~! X3

My god I love that song. ewe

Now Im listening to the Wikked Remix of Hide and Seek. X33

I have library books that were due last Wednesday.. D: Craaaap..

I dont know how long Ill be on tonight, but last night I think the computer got left on all night, and I ended up awake online until after midnight.


Shoot, the story! D: Dangit, I have to go *cough*getontheplaybook*cough* now.

How do I respond to that. o_o Okayyyyy. Yeah Im not explaining. Ill just leave you all to wondering xD

Yep, Ill leave you all with that and go away now.

>:3 Bye.