In the 2016 CES show, Volkswagen officially released BUDD-e concept car, the new car uses the latest MEB public platform to build electric cars, but also the application of gesture control, e-Mirror and many other new technologies. We can be seen this car Volkswagen Microbus classic reborn in the 21st century. Car front face three banner-style grille, headlights and grille are connected, it looks very personality. Side using a flat roof line, the roof also joined the solar panel, 21-inch wheels look very athletic. New tail shape is very simple, using a C-shaped taillights, looks very new, car body size length and breadth were 4597 * 1938 * 1834mm, wheelbase 3152mm. Interior view, this concept car uses a minimalist design style Peugeot 307 turbocharger, passenger seat back, while the rear seat does not use the traditional, but rather into a "sofa", and we see the car within almost no use of traditional buttons and knobs, but the overall use of multiple large-size LCD screen, the drivers seat side of the screen is 7.9 inches, while the front passenger side of the screen is 5.9 inches. In addition the car is also equipped with e-Mirror electronic rearview mirror, a new generation of man-machine interface, the new multifunction steering wheel, and the atmosphere inside the lamp can be personalized settings. According to Volkswagen, it said the car door to be able to touch and gesture control, when you say something, when indicated, the car can recognize speech and make the appropriate adjustments Seat 1.8 turbocharger. For example, when a passenger in the back said, "The temperature was raised some" time, the system can also identify the passenger seat position, and the temperature in the region where he was to be adjusted. In addition, the car and at home can also be highly interconnected smart devices that can automatically turn on air conditioning or lighting when the car got home. Volkswagen BUDD-e-based public the latest electric car platform MEB were built, this platform will provide the general public as well as pure electric future support plug-in hybrid models. The new platform to better place the battery pack, and also can provide better space in the car. Back BUDD-e this car, new car equipped with 101kWh battery pack, electric motor mounted in the front and rear axles each one four wheel drive Renault megane turbocharger. Volkswagen currently has not announced its output power, but expressed its top speed to 150km / h, the pure electric maximum mileage can reach 600 km. And a charge to 80%, need only 15 minutes.