Recently, Nissan Nismo Tule officially released official pictures of models, the new car a sportier appearance and interior, the power system has also been improved. It is reported that the car will be the first listing in the Middle East market. Appearance, Nismo car fitted with a new appearance package, which is more dynamic styling front bumper car, into the iconic red Nismo element also gives the feeling more passionate. Meanwhile, the car is equipped with 22 inches aft unilateral total of two out of the exhaust system td05 turbocharger and new styling forged aluminum wheels, making the vehicle a sportier style. Inside, the car within the overall use of black and white with the main colors, its use of white perforated leather seat package, and into the red elements and "Nismo" logo. In addition, the car is equipped with a red dashboard and a key start button, which is equipped with a rear entertainment system with dual screens. Power, the car was equipped with a new after Nismo tuned 5.6L V8 engine 328i Coilovers, the maximum power output of 434 horsepower, an increase compared to the normal version of the model 36 hp and peak torque data is not currently available. In addition, the steering and suspension system of the car has also been Nismo tuning, and equipped with Bilstein shock absorbers.